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Welcome to our 43rd annual auction – Sequins and Spurs! For so many years, supporters of Chesapeake Academy have gathered in May to celebrate the school’s accomplishments and raise funds to maintain its excellence. This year, we have reimagined how we could do that with the many challenges of a global pandemic. 

Innovation is the hallmark of Chesapeake Academy. While our school community is deeply rooted in our traditional values, Chesapeake Academy has never rested on our laurels. The school’s ability to innovate, grow, and adapt to change has kept our educational program  excellent for the last 55 years.

Chesapeake Academy is an important non-profit organization and a vital economic entity in our region. Our partnerships with other non-profits and businesses are strong and critical to the fabric of our community.

Together, we can make an impact on the educational options for students in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. Proceeds from the auction help us to offer our dynamic academic and co-curricular programs, provide funding for new initiatives, improve facilities, and enrich our students’ educational experiences.

Fund a Cause

Each year a school-wide initiative is selected as the Fund-a-Cause. This year, we celebrate and honor the work of our faculty and staff, who worked quickly and creatively to move to a distance learning mode in mid-March that supported each student and family and kept our community connected. Our faculty and staff members dove into the unknown to provide instruction, consistency, comfort, guidance, lessons, fun, and structure in an unprecedented and challenging time. They did so purposefully, graciously, creatively, and always with a “can-do spirit.” 

Please join us in honoring the work of those who teach CA children every day – in person or from a distance—by supporting the Fund-A-Cause:  Thank a Teacher.  In doing so, you’ll support these amazing professionals in their work in a rapidly changing educational environment that we could not have imagined even 3 months ago. Your contributions will provide CA teachers with materials,  technology, and professional development that will help them reimagine instruction for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond!


Special Thanks to our Additional Sponsors

A Friend of Chesapeake Academy
Al Pugh Distributing Co., Inc.
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Dr. Deborah H. Newman
Dr. Lisa Jenkins-Haynie and Mr. Philip J. Haynie III
Eugene Duffer Foundation, Diana Neal and Jackson Neal
Frederick Northup, Inc., Betsy and Stan Terhune
John and Hazel Farmer
Mr. Albert D. Bugg III
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Szyperski
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hunt II
Mr. and Mrs. John Sadler
Mr. and Mrs. Leland T. James
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Somers
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Sciacchitano

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Duvall
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Mihills
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Keesee
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Vose
Mr. Andrew T. Ransone
Mr. David E. Dew
Mr. Douglas D. Monroe, Jr.
Mr. Grover C. Branson
Mr. John K. O’Shaughnessy
Mr. Joseph A. Sarnowski
Mr. Keith D. Meberg
Mr. Robert B. Bragg IV
Mr. Robert L. Stephens
Mr. Ronald L. Mihills
Mr. Samuel E. Monroe
Mr. William H. Chapman

Mrs. Earl Ray Thomas, Jr.
Mrs. Janet L. Smith
Mrs. Katherine T. Mears
Mrs. Kathryn K. Vose
Mrs. Lara M. Brown
Mrs. Margaret M. Armen
Mrs. Marion V. M. James
Mrs. Martha H. Little
Mrs. Michele T. Faulkner
Mrs. Thomas Brown, Sr.
Ms. Chamaria J. Dillon
Ms. Julianne T. Duvall
Ms. Nancy Travers
The Brennan Williams Family
The Shoe Store, Inc.