Richmond Sportsbackers is an advocacy, planning, and marketing organization that has the goal of transforming our home-town of Richmond in to a leading physically active community. They are the driving force behind many or Richmond’s signature outdoor events, including the nationally recognized Monument Aveneue 10k and the Dominion Riverrock outdoor festival.

Sportsbackers created an event – the Movement Makers Summit – where they could share the lessons of their success and foster a community of like-minded organizations and municipalities. In conceptualizing their event, they had a critical design goal: to tie their signature outdoor branding in to their indoor conference.  After exploring some options and having received several recommendations, they settled on AVP as their audio-visual provider.

In chatting with their management team, we threw out ideas including branded digital signage, outdoor-themed lighting designs, and custom RVA-themed set pieces. But one idea quickly rose to the top and was approved by their team: The use of a huge 13’x40’ rear projection screen as a backdrop to their presentations. This event would be held in a ballroom with a 45’ width, so this screen was massive in the space, acting as one entire wall of the venue.

Our pre-production team then went to work to create the content for the projection system. Richmond has based its identity – and many of its signature outdoor events – around the magnificent James River, so this became the backdrop for the conference. Beautiful 4K footage from various famous spots up and down the river showcased the body of water itself as well as the city skyline which is fundamental to the Richmond brand.

Of course, the conference wasn’t just about pretty pictures – presentation materials, sponsorship recognition, video playback, and all the typical elements of an indoor event were required. Our team used a variety of projection mapping and media management technologies to overlay these various presentation layers on top of the animated video backdrops. At the same time, we provided equipment and full-service staffing for four breakout rooms, each with projection, laptops, and audio systems. Powerpoint, video playback, graphics design, and our assistance with conference management all came together for a seamless event.

And, of course, in our signature style of integrating multiple media elements, we sprinkled on a layer of moving lights and music playback for a high-energy conference the moment the doors opened until the final guest departed.

Tech Specs:
Video Backrops

  • 1 @ 13’x40’ rear projection screen
  • 2 @ Christie Roadster HD20k projectors – background content
  • 1 @ Infocus IN5552L projector – presentation content overlay
  • 1 @ Millumen projection mapping system

Switching and Presentations

  • 1 @ Newtek Tricaster 460 Advanced Edition
  • 2 @ Canon XLH1 video cameras
  • 1 @ 48” confidence monitor


  • 6 @ ETC Source4 ellipsoidals
  • 8 @ Eleation Designspot 250 moving lights
  • 1 @ Martin MPC control system with M2PC surface


  • 4 @ Shure QLXD wireless kits
  • 1 @ Midas M32R digital audio console
  • 1 @ QSC sound system