Job Title: Technical Production Manager

Advanced Visual Production (AVP) is an audio-visual company based in Richmond, Virginia. With our extensive experience in event production, we provide sound, lighting, and video solutions for a wide range of events, from small corporate conferences to large-scale fundraisers and galas. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering outstanding results and creating memorable experiences for our clients.

We seek to expand our team with the addition of a Technical Production Manager.


  • Work with Account Manager to suggest, design, and finalize production packages according to customer requirements
  • Create, in support of the sales process, equipment lists, labor requirements, renderings, and other supporting documentation such as rigging plots and electrical load requirements.
  • Work alongside other Production Managers in support of their projects, contributing design and system expertise during pre-production and on-site.
  • Assume responsibility for assigned projects upon execution of the contract.
  • Manage the preproduction process – with the assistance of the Logistics Manager and Production Coordinator – subrentals, subcontracts, and transportation. Review with the Warehouse Manager the final equipment list, schedule any pre-production tasks (such as prebuilds, fixture addressing, etc), and approve the final equipment package once prepped.
  • Manage the on-site execution of the job, including load in, show, and load out.
  • Prepare a report on each job to include internal project review, customer notes (change orders, upsell opportunities, refund requests, etc), and warehouse notes (broken equipment, shortages, mispacks, lost items).
  • Contribute to day-to-day tasks such as warehouse organization, facility and vehicle management, etc.
  • Become involved in general management, such as through equipment purchasing research, IT management, crew recruitment, employee training, sales/marketing efforts etc.

AVP encourages a unified process for sales and production management, with our customers relying on a single point of contact from sales through execution. Managing the project from inception ensures a project is delivered as envisioned, and that proposals are technically sound and appropriate to the company’s equipment and staff availability. Over time, the Production Manager may take increasing responsibility for a portfolio of customers, with tasks to include:

  • Meet with customers to understand their event production needs and requirements. Propose appropriate technical solutions by preparing equipment lists, renderings, and textual descriptions assembled into a sales proposal.
  • Negotiate the final package, incorporating customer feedback with regards to the design, technical package, and financial requirements.
  • Engage regularly with customers in pursuit of referrals, rebookings, and contract expansion.

Additional sales and account management tasks will be compensated with a commission-based system on top of the agreed-upon salary.


  • Previous experience in event audio-visual with management responsibilities.
  • Expert-level skills and experience in either sound, lighting, or video production.
  • Proficiency in the other areas (sound, lighting, or video) to effectively coordinate multi-disciplinary projects.
  • Knowledge of event infrastructure requirements (rigging and power consumption) and ability to calculate and document needs for each project.
  • Basic understanding of computer networking concepts, including VLANs and subnet groupings as they relate to event technology; experience with IP-based entertainment protocols, including Dante, Artnet/SACN, and NDI.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proven project management skills, with the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong leadership abilities to manage production crews on-site
  • Proficiency in industry-standard audio-visual software and equipment, including drawing in either Sketchup, Autocad, or Vectorworks.

Salary Range: $55,000 to $75,000 per year, plus commission.

Please send a written introduction as well as a copy of your resume to . We may consider applicants who require additional training or resources in order to meet the requirements; for example, training in electrical calculations or outsourcing of technical drawings. In your introduction, please indicate any areas in which you may need additional support, and how your other qualifications account for those areas.

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